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The National Museum of Natural History, located along Agrifina Circle, Rizal Park, Manila. 

It’s your vacation and you can spend precious moments with your family. One of the most common ways to bond is to head to the mall and shop till everyone drops. Some just have a staycation and hole up in their favorite hotels.

There are other ways where you can share more memories with your family. Here are just some of the places you can check out:


Museums are great places to visit to make time for your family. You can enjoy looking at artifacts, paintings from great masters, or learn about history. It also makes for great discussions during meals. Some of the good museums in our country include National Museum, Museo Pambata, Pinto Museum, and National Museum of Natural History.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are interactive activities where you and your family are locked up in a room with lifelike scenarios. Your task is to find clues and solve puzzles within a time limit so you can get out of the room. This activity can elicit a lot of laughter and sometimes terror, depending on the theme. Some of the popular escape rooms include Mystery Manila and Breakout Philippines.

Biking Tours

Guided bike tours allow you to explore different parts of the country in a safe, fun and educational way. Tours like these are done in small groups (5-10 people) and they are accompanied with a local guide that can share information on history. You can also bike with your family on your own and just explore your city.

Walking Tours

If there are guided bike tours, there are also guided walking tours. Walking tours are varied. Some tours focus on history, food, architecture, drinks, photography, among others. Walking tours are good bonding activities because these allow you to take great photos with your family amidst interesting sceneries.

Island hopping

The advantage of living in the Philippines is that we have many options to do island hopping. You can do a day tour with your family exploring different islands near your hometown. You can also include having a picnic with your family to bond even more.


Hiking is another great bonding activity with your family. It allows you to get out in the sun, sweat a little, and spend time with your family. You can hike easy trails but if your family is into more adventure, you can even climb mountains and try conquering a summit.

Visita Iglesia

Even if it’s not Holy Week, you can visit churches to strengthen your family bond. Check out the different churches and reflect on the blessings that your family has received over the years. Not only it helps strengthen your family ties, you also strengthen your relationship with God.

Check out these activities and see which ones you and your family would enjoy the most. Most of these activities are affordable and will encourage you and your family to talk to each other, create wonderful memories, and bond even more.

Anne Pablo

Anne is a writer, corporate communicator, and digital marketer. She holds public workshops on digital marketing and online crisis communication. She is a daughter of a retired sea captain.