Gawing Matik ang Pag-yaman

‘Matik na sa marinong Pinoy ang maayos at pulidong trabaho. Dapat maging ‘matik rin ang mga good money habits

Coronavirus 101: What You Ought To Know

Don’t panic! Here are important facts about the Corona Virus Disease.

3 Rs to a Better You

February ay ang Love Month. Kaya love yourself–do these three simple steps to a better you.

He Says, She Says…In Times of Crisis

How can you and your seafaring spouse work together during times of crisis? A tip from a couple who’s been there: ask each other how best to support the other. And make sure to listen to what your spouse says.

Storytelling You Need

Can you tell a good story? Storytelling is an essential leadership and communication skill that every seafarer needs. Join the first ever storytelling workshop this February 29, 2020 at PICC.

Stories of Christmas at Sea

Celebrating Christmas onboard, away from your family? Here are a few stories of other seafarers who have gone through the same.

Multiplying Time: A Seafarer’s Guide to Contemporary Planning

How can we maximize the limited time we have, especially when we’re home for vacations? By learning how to plan more efficiently. Here are a few planning hacks.

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