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Photo by Veri Ivanova on Unsplash

Working as seafarer means being on the go. You are responsible for safety equipment, performing general maintenance, repair, making sure the ship stays on course, among others. In extreme cases, you might also need to do damage control or save a life.

With so many responsibilities, it’s easy to forget that you also need to take care of yourself. You might not notice at all that you need to take a break to refresh and recharge. You need to listen to your body and know when you need some time off.

You can’t sleep.

If you suddenly find yourself suffering from lack of sleep, it may be your body telling you that you’re too stressed and you have too many things in your mind. Make sure you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep to be fully optimal.

You tend to over-eat.

Bingeing on snacks is another signal that you are unable to manage your stress level. It can also be a sign that you are going through something emotional.

You’re always tired.

Even if you get enough sleep, it’s possible that you still feel tired all the time. Exhaustion is a strong sign that you’re doing too many things all at the same time.

You’re easily irritated.

Observe whether you easily get annoyed at the slightest thing. You might also notice that you easily get angry at anyone. This is definitely a strong signal that you need a break.

You’re in rush mode.

It’s quite normal to be in rush mode sometimes. If you, however, notice that you’re constantly in rush mode, it may be a sign that you’re not able to prepare in advance because you’re taking on too much. Someone who is leading a balanced life should be able to pace his day-to-day activities.

You cry out of the blue.

Crying occasionally is good for the soul because it helps you release pent-up energy. If you, however, find yourself crying out of the blue, it’s time to pause and understand where this is coming from.

You’re not having fun.

It’s possible to work and have fun while doing it. If you suddenly find yourself unable to enjoy anything in your life, it’s very possible that you are too tired and doing too many things at once.

You get sick often.

Another strong signal that you need a break is when you get sick too often. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you need to rest. Listen to your body because this can lead to even bigger problems.

You’re unable to complete simple tasks.

Inability to complete simple tasks is a sign that you’re overwhelmed. It also means you lack focus and are unable to concentrate or dedicate time to do something.

These are just some of the signs that you need some alone time. It’s always better to take frequent breaks before you even reach this stage. Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll start taking more alone time for your own sake.

Roche Leonor

Roche Leonor has been a corporate communications and digital marketing manager for more than 15 years. She occasionally holds public workshops on social media and digital marketing management. She is also the daughter of a retired sea captain.