A new visual series by Seafarer Asia, Kumusta, Kabaro? Kumusta, Kaibigan? gives viewers gritty glimpses into the lives of Filipino seafarers and their kin. True tales of love, pride, sacrifice, failure and success weave a living tapestry and an oral history of life at sea. The subjects are given free rein on what to share and how they wish to be photographed. The series is inspired by the popular photoblog, Humans of New York.

Jaime Ignacio Jr., 22

We were in high school and there was something different about her. She didn’t like me at first but my barkada kept setting us up and I wasn’t going to quit. Not on love. We eventually became a couple and it was a really happy time. But she left me for another guy. Don’t even know his name. Now I’m an apprentice and I promised myself that I’d make captain someday. I will. I want to show her what I’m worth. I want to show her what she lost.

Gregg Yan

Gregg Yan is an award-winning writer and photographer who covers marginalized groups and environmental conservation issues. His work has been featured by National Geographic, Discovery Channel, CNN plus over a dozen books – including Into the Wild, his first coffee table book. He also has a monthly magazine column on wildlife.